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Darchei Noam's B'nei Mitzvah Students Celebrate Shabbat together at Woodland Trails Scout Camp

04/05/2016 04:22:54 PM


Hello, I’m Ben. I am having my Bar Mitzvah this year and I am a part of Darchei Noam’s 2015/2016 Bar/Bat Mitzvah group. As an opportunity to learn more about the Jewish culture, our class took a trip to the Woodland Trails Scout Camp. We spent a night in a big cabin...Read more...

Welcoming Darchei Noam's Sponsored Syrian Refugee Family

20/04/2016 01:27:58 PM


On Sunday, April 10, Darchei Noam members hosted a special afternoon reception to warmly welcome the Khello/Mohamad family to Canada and the DN community. With music by David Lefkowich, a craft activity with Sharna Cohen, and desserts brought by our community, the...Read more...

Meet Danny Richmond, Darchei Noam's 2015-16 / 5776 Social Justice Scholar-in-Residence

30/03/2016 01:57:02 PM


Danny Richmond is this year’s Social Justice Scholar in Residence. The Scholar-in-Residence Program was set up to bring to Darchei Noam persons who have thought...Read more...

Darchei Noam's Hebrew School Visits Terrace Gardens

16/03/2016 03:22:30 PM


Earlier this month, Darchei Noam's Grade 4 – 6 Hebrew School students had an opportunity to visit Terrace Gardens, a Toronto retirement home. 

The students sang Purim songs with the seniors, led by our dynamic music teacher Mike Bernsein. After, they participated in arts and crafts alongside the seniors, creating characters from the Megillah. 

Our students learned about the mitzvah of visiting...

Jews' Muse: Exploring the Music, Life and Times of Four Great Jewish Composers

02/03/2016 03:05:54 PM


This spring is going to be filled with the sound of music at Darchei Noam, but it won’t be courtesy of the Von Trapps. In a series of four evenings, we will explore the life and times of four giants of classical music – all of whom were Jewish.  What impact and influence did their identity have on the masterpieces they created? How did these individuals respond to the politics and culture of their day? What is their lasting legacy?...Read more...


03/02/2016 04:07:39 PM


A new art exhibit of beautiful textiles has been hung at Darchei Noam. With pieces adorning our foyers and Social Hall walls, this exhibit displays members of the Pomegranate Guild of Judaic Textiles of Toronto's works that share their celebrations with...Read more...

Lenka Lichtenberg's "Aleinu", written for Darchei Noam, selected for the 2016 Shalshelet International Festival of New Jewish Liturgical Music

12/01/2016 06:33:05 PM


Congregation Darchei Noam is thrilled to report that our member Lenka Lichtenberg's setting of the Aleinu prayer has been selected for the 2016 Shalshelet International Festival of New Jewish Music, to be held in Philadelphia in December, 2016. Lenka's piece was one of only 39 pieces by 33 artists chosen from over 250 entries to this international competition. 

Lenka wrote the piece for Congregation Darchei Noam at the urging of our Rosh Chazzanut, Phyllis Angel Greenberg. "A while back, I noticed that very often, most of Aleynu is recited rather than sung at the end of our Shabbat morning services. I asked Phyllis Greenberg about it and she said that the common melody for Aleynu sounds like 'Itzy Bitzy Spider' and so we don’t usually sing it as it just doesn’t hit the spot… and she said, why don’t YOU write a melody? So I did! And I am VERY happy to say that the setting has been well received by the congregation, and it is a very special, happy moment for me every time I get to chant it at Darchei Noam, especially when people join in," she shared. 

We are very excited that one of our unique prayer melodies will be featured at such a prestigious festival. Congratulations, Lenka! 

Darchei Noam Families Celebrate Hanukkah

16/12/2015 02:57:04 PM


On Sunday, December 13, Darchei Noam families came together to celebrate the Festival of Lights. With Mad Science, Face Painting, cookie decorating, Lego build, a performance by our Hebrew School students and a learning session with Rabbi Tina, as well as latkes and sufganiyot and schmoozing, a fun day was had by all! 

...

DN: The Early Years - Reflections from Mitchell Rothman

11/11/2015 04:30:26 PM


Photo of children from the early years of DNThe following is an excerpt from a history of Darchei Noam that I wrote for our Bar Mitzvah (13 years) ‎celebration.  It has three elements: a history that is as factual as I could make it, my take what I saw as the central...Read more...

DN Writes: Meet the Authors of Congregation Darchei Noam

28/10/2015 03:14:18 PM


Maybe it’s not surprising that a dynamic congregation such as Darchei Noam would have so many writers as members. The shul will be showcasing some of those authors’ accomplishments on November 1 at 7 p.m. in the Social Hall.

Fredelle Brief will be the MC and authors Marsha Barber, Gail Benick, Susan Glickman, Sylvia Izzo Hunter and Renate Krakauer will be featured. Genres range from a literary murder mystery to a historical...Read more...

My Spiritual Journey: Remarks by Lynda Champagne, Kallat B'reishit

21/10/2015 02:38:57 PM


Shabbat Shalom.

When Liane Sharkey, our Shul President called to say I was receiving the honour of Kallat Bereshit I was taken by surprise.  I’ve not even come close to impacting our community like my predecessors have but my hope is that in time I will.  Thank you all for your support and for being here today and of course Mazel Tov to my Chattan Torah Elliot Brodkin.  

As I begin to write about my...

My Spiritual Journey: Remarks by Elliott Brodkin, Chatan Torah, 5776

14/10/2015 03:55:39 PM


Shabbat Shalom and Chag Same’ach

I’d like to begin by sharing with you how honoured I feel to be acknowledged by the congregation as its Chatan Torah. I have always looked forward to coming to shul myself in prior years, and listening to the dvar’s of those honorees. What were their spiritual journeys about.

It is extra special for me to share this day with our Kallat Bereshit, Lynda Champagne. Lynda is being recognized...Read more...

Sermon for the First Day of Rosh Hashanah by Rabbi Tina Grimberg

16/09/2015 05:26:23 PM


Musings on Generosity and Gratitude: In the Shadow of Debt


I would like to express my gratitude to all of you for making time to be here on this Rosh Hashanah, a weekday, as you chose to put aside your weekly concerns and responsibilities and schedule this important time to be with us.

Gratitude is what sets us human animals apart from the animal world in general. Are cats grateful? No. Dogs? No. They love you,...Read more...

DN's Social Justice Committee Speaks Up on Poverty Reduction

02/09/2015 05:02:50 PM


On August 31, 2015, DN member Valerie Hyman, on behalf of Congregation Darchei Noam's Social Justice Advocacy Committee, addressed a City of Toronto committee dedicated to poverty reduction. The full text of her deputation follows:


August 31, 2015


Darchei Noam becomes the first Synagogue to Sponsor a Syrian Refugee Family

12/08/2015 04:49:30 PM


Read all about Darchei Noam's efforts to sponsor a Syrian Refugee family in the CJN and in i24 news!


DN's Manager of Outreach and Engagement on My Jewish Learning

22/07/2015 03:15:05 PM


Darchei Noam's Manager of Outreach and Engagement, Tema Smith, was featured on Be'chol Lashon's  blog, Jewish& on My Jewish Learning, on race and identity: On Passing and Not Trying to Pass. 


A New Synagogue Accessibility Roundtable Initiative

17/06/2015 04:08:45 PM


In March of this year, the UJA Federation of Greater Toronto, ITANU Toronto, and the Miles Nadal JCC hosted a professionals and volunteers from Jewish community agencies, organizations, schools, camps, and synagogue  called Planting the Seeds for Transformational Change: An Inclusion Workshop with Inclusion expert Shelly Christensen. This workshop focused on creating strategies within each of the participants'...Read more...

Presenting video tutorials: Blessings before and after the Torah Reading

27/05/2015 12:16:57 PM


Darchei Noam is pleased to present video tutorials on the blessings before and after reading from the Torah. Get ready for your next aliyah!

"I found a congregation where I’m at home" - DN member Lenka Lichtenberg in the Canadian Jewish News!

14/05/2015 12:46:48 PM


Yiddish singer grew up without a connection to Judaism: Check out the feature article in this week's Canadian Jewish News!

Read all about our member, Lenka Lichtenberg, and the role Darchei Noam has played in her musical career.


Reconstructionist Judaism in the Canadian Jewish News!

29/04/2015 11:05:07 AM


This week's Canadian Jewish News features an in-depth interview with Rabbi Deborah Waxman, head of the Reconstructionist Movement. Rabbi Waxman visited Congregation Darchei Noam when she was in Toronto last month for the annual conference of the Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association.

Read Rabbi Waxman's thoughts on Reconstructionist Judaism - its values and its future; its embrace of Jewish diversity and intermarried...Read more...

Finding Godliness in our Space and Ourselves – D’var Torah for Parshat Terumah by DN member, Judy Katz Howard  

08/04/2015 05:08:44 PM


Parshat Terumah is about the first set of instructions for the construction of the tabernacle, God’s first sanctuary in the desert. This d’var Torah is dedicated to the memory of my mother Helen Pedovitch Katz, who taught me, and everyone who stepped over the threshold of her home, how to make a home into a sanctuary. This Purim was 17 years since she passed away, in calendar years. In heart time, it feels like about 2...Read more...

Powering Sacred Spaces with Renewable Energy - Darchei Noam on the Environmental Defence blog

13/03/2015 11:22:17 AM


Darchei Noam's commitment to renewable energy is featured on the Environmental Defence blog in a guest post by our friends at Faith and the Common Good. Read all about our commitment to shomrei adamah - stewardship of the Earth.

Read the post here.


Whose/Who's Kosher Soul? 

03/03/2015 02:31:24 PM


A few weeks ago, I was browsing through my Facebook newsfeed when I stumbled upon a trailer for a new TV show, Kosher Soul, from the Lifetime Network. The preview for this “docu-sitcom” begins with the two stars of the show sitting on the couch, talking to the camera. “You can’t help who you fall in love with,” the man says. There’s a fast cut to a foot breaking a glass under the wedding chuppah, to the sound of a crowd cheering...Read more...

The Hebrew School Sings Again! Hanukkah Performance at a local Seniors' Home

10/12/2014 12:23:12 PM


This was an exciting week at Darchei Noam’s Hebrew School because of our Social Action Field Trips, in which many of our classes participated. The Grades 3-6’s left the hallways of Darchei Noam and headed over to Kensington Retirement Residence next door, and L’Chaim Retirement Residence just down the street. Students performed Hanukkah-related songs, prayers and skits and enlightened the residents with their warm smiles and young voices! This was definitely a learning experience for our students, many of whom had never visited a retirement residence, and some of whom were on stage for their first time. Students learned the importance of interacting with older generations and simultaneously took part in a huge mitzvah by bringing happiness, song and tradition into the lives of our community’s elders.

We welcome your children, your grandchildren, and your friends’ and neighbours’ children. The school year is just beginning, and membership is not required! For more information, please contact Jess Waltman at 416-638-4783, ext. 28.

Sing Along with our Grade 3's and 4's in the DN Hebrew School!

27/11/2014 03:54:22 PM


As part of each week’s Hebrew School session, each class enjoys an engaging, age-appropriate lesson with our music specialist in which both prayers and Hebrew songs are taught. The children learn tefillot (prayers), traditional Jewish holiday songs and folksongs, and more contemporary songs, and each class has opportunities to present what they’ve learned to their peers and parents at our weekly Kehillah (community) gathering.

Click “play” to see our music teacher in action with the Grade Three and Four class!

We welcome your children, your grandchildren, and your friends’ and neighbours’ children. The school year is just beginning, and membership is not required! For more information, please contact Jess Waltman at 416-638-4783, ext. 28.

Aliyah Bet, the Palmach and Family Memory: D'var Torah on Parashat Mattot by Judy Katz Howard

13/11/2014 01:25:03 PM


In this week’s part of the Chapter of Mattot in the book of Numbers/Bamidbar, the Israelites are planning to cross the Jordan River to fight for the land of Israel. The tribes of Reuben and Gad and half of Menashe – let’s call them the 2 ½ tribes - wanted to remain on the east side of the Jordan River for their economic benefit, because the land was particularly suitable for their cattle grazing.

The 2½ tribes approached Moshe...

My Spiritual Journey - Remarks by Mark Adler, 5775 Chatan Torah

12/11/2014 06:41:59 PM


Shortly after I responded affirmatively to Liane's offer to be this year's Chatan Torah, I experienced a rather prolonged period of cognitive dissonance, denial, and buyer's remorse.  It wasn't just due to a lack of self-confidence in public speaking, but rather the realization that I had agreed to address this community on the subject of my spiritual journey.  Until now I've never used nor heard the pairing of "spiritual" and "my"...Read more...

On Gratitude, Family Legacy, and Connecting with our Jewish Past - Steven Syczewski-Rapoport's Remarks for Rosh Hashanah Day II

05/11/2014 02:58:29 PM


As I gain more life experience, I come to a better understanding of the term “gratitude”.  For my husband, my children, my family and my life – I embrace Rosh Hashanah – for all the opportunity that a New Year brings equally to each of us, and as importantly, to reflect over the past year.  I am happy to speak on this occasion of reflection, because this past year in particular has been full of life lessons and learning for...Read more...

Kol Nidre Address from DN President Liane Sharkey

28/10/2014 02:55:25 PM


Kol Nidre is the night that is most fraught with mystery and emotion for many Jews. There is a heightened sense of being on the edge of something – that something being our individual balance on the line between the past and the future.

“Kol Nidre” translates as “all vows”.  We declare all future vows and promises to be invalid.  We know this is the opportunity for us to ask for forgiveness from all those whom we...Read more...

Building the DN Sukkah with the Hebrew School

14/10/2014 03:56:49 PM


A morning of unsettled weather didn’t faze our intrepid and hard-working volunteers, and by lunchtime on October 5, Darchei Noam’s sukkah was up and ready for kids, parents, and Hebrew School staff to get in there and start decorating!

Children and parents spent about an hour creating wonderful and beautiful decorations – from construction-paper chains to hanging gourds -- to make our sukkah as inviting and colourful as...Read more...

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