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Shomrei Adamah's Committee Presents: How Does Our Garden Grow?

29/09/2022 11:24:38 AM


Rubeckia in Darche Noam's Front Flower Bed
Rubeckia at Darchei Noam.
Photo by Desré Kramer.

With Bee Balm, and “Sunny” flowers and Prairie smoke all in a row.

Darchei Noam's ‘sunny’ flowers are the bright yellow Grey-headed coneflowers and Rudbeckia, the Black-eyed Susans, that thrive in full sun. You might see them referred to sunflowers in older articles.

They are part of the shul's array of native flowers, trees and shrubs. In flowering at different times, they provide a variety of nectar and pollen for bees, butterflies and other pollinators from spring to fall. Their fruits and seeds nourish birds and squirrels through summer and winter. The Grey-headed coneflowers are just finishing their bloom and are turning to seed and Rudbeckia continues to flower. Native plants are important for those picky pollinators that rely on specific plants as their hosts.

Watch for further info about these two “sunny” flowers on the Darchei Noam's blog. More about Darchei Noam's native plants to come in future articles.

Sun, 29 January 2023 7 Sh'vat 5783