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My Summer at Darchei Noam, by Katarina Kusic

18/09/2017 01:05:34 PM


This summer I had the pleasure of working at Darchei Noam as the summer student administrative assistant. Through this position I learned valuable professional skills, worked with an amazing group of people, and was warmly welcomed into a kind and compassionate community.

My primary role as the administrative assistant was to assist with the membership renewal process and High Holy Days ticket mailing. This included the mailing of over 800 packages, and processing each renewal and issuing High Holy Days ticket purchases. Along with these tasks, I assisted with donation processing, data collection and provided general assistance to the office staff. Since the Darchei Noam office staff is small, I quickly learned that it is a collaborative environment in which everyone helps with and supports multiple projects. This was my first experience working in an administrative role and I feel so fortunate to have had it be at Darchei Noam. The staff were welcoming, caring, and showed me how a supportive and productive office environment functions.

One of the first events that took place during my time at Darchei Noam was the first Darchei Noam Supper Club event; I was touched and inspired by the large amount of community outreach and support that took place at Darchei Noam. It was a pleasure to work in a space that valued diversity and enacting positive change not only within the Darchei Noam community but outside the Darchei Noam community as well.

It was truly a gift to be a part of the warm, friendly and vibrant Darchei Noam office. Working for a community with strong values of compassion and unity made my work enjoyable and engaging. It is truly a summer experience I’ll always treasure and look back on with fond memories.

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