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B'nei Mitzvah & Teen Programming



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About the Program

Our program ensures students become familiar with the culture, religion, ethics and customs of the Jewish people. Specific topics include:

  • Knowledge of content, meaning and general structure of the Torah, Haftorah, the Shabbat service and Jewish prayer; concepts of Jewish ethics, social justice, and community obligation;
  • Understanding the concept of becoming bar/bat mitzvah as a rite of passage, and how their Jewish practice will change as a result of that transition;
  • Learning about Shabbat and the major Jewish holidays, lifecycle events, your family history (family tree), and Holocaust studies;
  • An understanding of the organized Jewish community and its organizations and services.


Darchei Noam's Bar/Bat Mitzvah Program also includes and overnight Shabbaton in the fall of the year the course is offered.



Our Hebrew School is an inclusive environment that welcomes Jewish children from all types of families. We strive to accommodate the learning style and needs of every child. To speak to someone about your child, please contact us.

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