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Career Connections

DN Career Advisor Information

Help a DN member exploring careers learn more about your area of expertise while helping to build and sustain our wonderful community!

What’s involved?  
You are asked to provide a bio describing relevant aspects of the work you do along with a photo and contact information. Your profile would appear on our new DN Career Connections website, expected to be up and running in the fall of 2021.  Those looking for career advice or information would contact you via email with their questions.

What’s expected?
At minimum, you are asked to respond to questions by those interested in career advice and information. It’s up to you how you respond: with an email or a phone call or whether you choose to meet face to face for a coffee.  In some cases, if it feels right, you might want to engage in a longer-term mentor relationship.

Who are we looking for?
Any DN member or DN friend currently working in their field is encouraged to become a DN Career Advisor! Retirees who maintain a strong connection to their professional communities are also welcome.

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Information for Career Explorers 

If you, a friend, or a family member are exploring a new career or are engaged in a job search, tell us what career areas are of interest.  We’ll try to find a Career Advisor in your field of interest.

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