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Donating to Darchei Noam

Why donate?

We rely on generous donations by members of the congregation and the broader community to support the important work that we do at Congregation Darchei Noam.  While membership contributions make up the bulk of our revenue, they are not sufficient by themselves to maintain the health of our community.

Your support enables us to embrace our value of inclusion by ensuring that membership can be offered to everyone regardless of their financial circumstances.  Your donations also ensure that we continue to offer vibrant programming and education for all ages and that our home is maintained properly.

There are two basic types of funds: those that support the activities of Darchei Noam, and restricted funds that support activities we are associated with, but do not control.

Funds that Support Congregation Darchei Noam

The Darchei Noam Fund

This fund supports inclusion, core committees, programming and other operations of our community and is dispersed at the discretion of the Board. Donations to this fund are used to sustain the annual operating budget of the Congregation.  

The Darchei Noam Capital Fund

This fund helps to pay our mortgage and, therefore, supports the long-term operations of the community.  As we lower our building-related debt, we can devote more of our revenues to our operations.

Targeted Donations

Congregants who want to support a specific project or activity at Darchei Noam can do so for donations over $1000.  Examples of past targeted donations include our website, conference attendance for our Director of Youth Education and Programming, and cruiser tables for our social hall.

Restricted Funds

While these funds do not support Darchei Noam directly, they do enable vital activities which we consider important. These funds flow directly to the recipient for their discretionary use. Our administrative support of these donations, including the issuing of tax receipts, is provided at no cost to these organizations.  They include:

Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund: A fund which the Rabbi dispenses to individuals or to support activities the Rabbi deems important.

First Interfaith Out of the Cold: A drop-in program which provides nutritious meals, social services, medical care, and an overnight shelter for street involved people living in Toronto.

Tribute Cards

Would you like to make a donation in someone’s memory, to mark a special occasion, or to honour a member of our Congregation or anyone else? Tribute cards will be sent on your behalf for donations of $18 or more.

Yahrzeit Wall

The Yahrzeit Wall in Darchei Noam's beautiful sanctuary gives members of our community the opportunity to commemorate members of their families who have passed away. Added in 2009, the Wall features customized glass plaques, engraved in Hebrew and English, which are illuminated at Yizkor and during the week of Yahrzeit.

For more information, or to order a Yahrzeit plaque, download the order form or contact the office

Planned Giving

Would you like to give to Darchei Noam through a bequest in your will?  If you would like to discuss what type of gift to the Congregation is right for you, please contact the office to arrange a meeting with our Development Committee.  

How to Donate

Donations may be made in a variety of convenient ways: online, by contacting the Darchei Noam office, or by cheque. 

 If you have shares that have appreciated in value, you should consider donating them to Congregation Darchei Noam. You will pay no tax on the capital gain, and will still receive a tax credit for the full amount.

All donations are eligible for a tax receipt. Tax receipts are issued once a year.

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