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This year, we will once again be enriched with Rabbi Tina Grimberg and Rabbi Richard Hirsh  conducting our services with the participation of our service leaders Phyllis Angel Greenberg, David Lefkowich, Rob Silver, and Lenka Lichtenberg.

The High Holy Days at Darchei Noam are a time for celebration, reflection, introspection, and community building. Although the setting is virtual, the congregation remains abuzz with music, prayer, discussion and other participatory programming, engaging members and guests in both a joyful beginning to the New Year and solemn atonement.

Also join us for meaningful, musical and interactive Families Together services and programs – more details below.


We will launch into the High Holy Days with a musical Erev Rosh Hashanah Service.  On both days of Rosh Hashanah, there will be the opportunity to join in services with our rabbis and service leaders.  In addition, the second day of Rosh Hashanah features an opportunity to hear Rabbi Tina Grimberg and Rabbi Richard Hirsh speak about their spiritual journeys.  We also have some engaging family programs planned, see the section below and also refer to the complete schedule.

Kol Nidre will be accompanied by a stirring rendition on stringed instruments. Yom Kippur Day will offer opportunities for prayer, study, soulful music, yoga and stories, just as we always have.

The full schedule of programs and services can be found here.


Access to online services for members and guests

Members of Darchei Noam will be granted access to virtual High Holy Days services for yourself and for your children up to age 24. In addition there will be special materials provided for those participating in family services - please be sure to indicate if you plan to join. In order for us to properly accommodate the expected capacity for both the regular services and family services, please be sure to reserve.

We love to welcome our member's relatives and friends at our services. For any family or friends of members who are not themselves Darchei Noam members, please use the below button to request access tickets.

We enjoy welcoming friends who are not members of Darchei Noam to join us for our High Holy Day services. If you are a non-member who wishes to join us, please use the below button to request access tickets.

Family Services:

We’re Going  to Have a Shofar Blast!
Join our Family Together  High Holy Day programming with Bryna Wechsler and Rachel Mitchell, also featuring story times with Nomi Barancik and a special shofar presentation by our very own Abba Lustgarten.

We can’t wait to be together.   

Participatory, engaging and creative family services for families with children up to age 10.  In addtion, we have some exciting afternoon programs planned included a shofar blowing program, a virtual tashlich ceremony, story time, and music,

If you will be attending any of the family services, please register early (on the same form as when you reserve your own access), as there will be crafts, songs and other materials provided ahead of time.

 Click here for the schedule of all family services and programs,songs we'll be singing, and more!

Mahzor (High Holy Day prayerbook)

Darchei Noam uses the Kol Haneshama mahzor (High Holy Day prayerbook). A PDF of this mahzor will be made available to all attending our services. Or, if you would like to purchase a hard copy of the mahzor, please contact Yaron at, or by calling (416) 638-4783 and we will arrange a safe pick-up (or drop-off if required).

Fri, 25 September 2020 7 Tishrei 5781