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Yom Kippur


Kol Nidre: Tuesday, October 8

Traditional Services
  • Rabbi Tina Grimberg: Social Hall
  • Rabbi Richard Hirsh: Sanctuary
Family Service
6:15pm. Triple Rooms

Yom Kippur Morning: Wednesday, October 9

Traditional Services
  • Rabbi Tina Grimberg: Social Hall
  • Rabbi Richard Hirsh: Sanctuary
Family Service
10am, Triple Rooms
Children's Programming - for children 18 months through Bar/Bat Mitzvah age
Early drop off at 9:30am
Yom Kippur Afternoon: Wednesday, October 9

2:00pm: Complementing our Yom Kippur morning and concluding services, Congregation Darchei Noam offers a roster of Yom Kippur afternoon programming for those wishing to continue their Yom Kippur observance with our community through the day. Details coming soon.

3:30pm: Musical selections and poetry readings to reflect on and honour the memory of pivotal times in our history and to express our gratitude to those upon whose shoulders we now stand. (In the Social Hall)


Minchah and Ne’ilah: Wednesday, October 9

Approximately 5:00pm

Following a service of remembrance, we return to the Yom Kippur prayers, first with Minchah, the afternoon service, and then N’ilah, the closing service which symbolizes the Closing of the Gates at the end of the Days of Awe. Congregants of all ages are encouraged to bring their personal shofarot for the communal shofar blowing at the conclusion of services. We then celebrate the separation of the holy space of the High Holy Days and the re-entry to everyday life with a spirited Havdalah service.

We offer two separate services:
  • An alternative Ne'ilah service punctuated with music, songs and stories will be held in the Social Hall with Rabbi Grimberg
  • A traditional Ne'ilah service will be held in the sanctuary with Rabbi Hirsh

Yom Kippur Community Break-Fast Dinner: Wednesday, October 9

After Yom Kippur Ne'ilah services conclude, everyone is invited to participate in our wonderful community Break-Fast dinner in the Triple Rooms. All who wish to attend are asked to sign up to bring a contribution to share. All contributions must be nut-free. We kindly encourage everyone contributing to double up their contribution and arrange it on two ready-to-serve disposable platters or containers to be placed on buffet tables. Bread and drinks will be provided by the shul. Please bring your contribution to the Triple Rooms on the lower level any time after 3:00pm on Yom Kippur.

We invite your contributions of:

• Entrées (lasagnas, quiches, kugels, legumes, pasta, etc.)
• Fish (baked fish, herring, gefilte fish, lox, etc.)
• Hearty salads (grains, pasta, potato, etc.)
• Green salads
• Cream cheese
• Egg salad
• Tuna Salad
• Dips (hummus, guacamole, babaganoush, tahini, etc.)
• Cooked salads (grilled eggplant, Turkish, etc.)
• Cut up vegetables
• Fruit and desserts

To assist in planning a smorgasbord fit for the New Year or to arrange an alternate drop-off time for your contribution, contact Molly Neufeld at or 416-5514-6162 to let her now what you are planning to bring and how many will be attending. Thank you in advance for your generosity and help in planning our annual Break-Fast!

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