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Overview of Sunday Hebrew School Curriculum

Each successive grade level reinforces and expands on the lessons of the preceding grades.

Gan/JK and SK

Judaica Goals:

· Age-appropriate introduction to the values of Judaism, with an emphasis on Mitzvot (commandments) and Tikkun Olam (the principal of improving the world).

Hebrew Goals:

· Incorporating fun, interactive activities, students will be taught Hebrew letters, the alphabet, numbers, days of the week, months and seasons of the year, common words and family names.


Grades 1 and 2

Judaica Goals:

· Explore customs commonly shared in Jewish homes and in synagogue.

· Introduction to Shabbat and holiday customs, prayers and music through crafts and songs.

· Visits with Rabbi Tina, who will meet with students several times throughout the year.

Hebrew Goals:

· Students will continue to learn the letters and be introduced to the vowels.

· Vocabulary reviewed and expanded to include Judaica items and artifacts used in the synagogue.

· Blessings, songs and prayers: students will start to learn the Shabbat and holiday blessings.


Grades 3-4

Judaica Goals:

· Students will continue to learn through ‘hands on’ experiments and experiences, employing stories, food, and music.

· Teaching of Jewish values will introduce Derech Eretz (respectful behaviour), and more in-depth exploration of Tikkun Olam.

· More detailed exploration of individual Holiday customs.

· Learning Brachot (blessings) for Holidays and Shabbat

· Introduction of Jewish life cycle events from Birth to B’nei Mitzvah.

· Start a grade Mitzvot project.

Hebrew Goals:

· Hebrew will continue through decoding, games, and social interactions.


Grades 5 and 6

Judaica Goals:

· As in the earlier grades, teaching will incorporate varied and experiential hands-on activities.

· Study of life cycle events expanded to include Engagement & Marriage through to death.

· Students will learn about the history and traditions of Reconstructionism.

· Age-appropriate introduction to the Holocaust.

· Learn about modern Jewish heroes.

· Completion of class Mitzvot project as well as an individual research project.

Hebrew Goals:

· Hebrew learning will continue through Service prayers and songs.

· Hebrew as part of social interactions.


Grade 6 - pre Bar/Bat Mitzvah leadership

· As ‘seniors’ in the Hebrew school, these students will have a leadership role, helping younger students in lower grades.

· Students will start learning prayers for their own service by learning the appropriate prayers (e.g. prayer for donning tallit (prayer shawl); receiving an aliyah (call to the Torah).

· Students will help plan school holiday programs as well as the “Tour of Israel” program.


All grades: Tour of Israel (new for 2021)

A school-wide, month-long program during which students will experience Israel.

· Learn about the Declaration of Independence.

· Each week students will learn about a new city: Jerusalem, Haifa, Tel Aviv, Eliat.

· Take a virtual tour of the sights and sounds.

· E.g. Prepare a prayer to place in the Western Wall; conduct experiments involving the Dead Sea.

· Learn to make and taste the traditional foods.


All grades: Jewish Holidays and Festivals will be acknowledged as they occur.

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