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Hebrew School at Darchei Noam: Forming Meaningful, Ongoing Jewish Connections for Children and Families


An engaging, enjoyable Jewish education for your child.

Darchei Noam’s Hebrew School, for students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 6, offers a comprehensive experience centred on Jewish life. Our school helps students develop their Jewish identity, encourages the building of strong bonds with other Jewish children, and provides a welcoming environment to learn about Judaism. We use our students’ creativity and imagination to foster a love of Judaism, a bond with our synagogue community, and a connection to Jews around the world.

Our Hebrew School is an inclusive environment that welcomes Jewish children from all types of families. 

We strive to accommodate the learning style and needs of every child. To speak to someone about your child, please contact us.


  • Classes are held Sunday mornings, 9:30am-12:30pm, September through May.
  • A typical Sunday has one hour each of Jewish studies; song, pray or dance; and Hebrew language lessons.
  • The Hebrew School has close ties with Darchei Noam’s services and celebrations. Student performances are an integral part of Synagogue life.
  • We also offer learning opportunities for parents. For example, we have hosted a series of virtual Beit Midrash with Noam Zion, a celebrated author and lecturer with a focus on “homemade Judaism” empowering families to find innovative ways to celebrate Jewish holidays.
  • We employ the Experiential Learning teaching method, where students learn through art and performance.
  • Past class field trips have included a visit to a Matzah factory and to a retirement home.
  • Click here for a list of topics cover over the course of a year.


Our students benefit from serious learning.
Hebrew literacy, Torah study, and synagogue prayers are all taught from a Reconstructionist perspective using a constantly evolving curriculum, to ensure a modern connection to the material. 

Our curriculum combines values-based education with Jewish principles and traditions, encouraging children to establish their own connections with Judaism – its past, present and future. 

Our Hebrew program enables students to work at their own pace through the content, focusing on both Hebrew reading and writing, and ensuring that they are well prepared for their B'nei Mitzvah. Our unique individualized approach to teaching allows students to learn Hebrew along with their peers, no matter their past Hebrew experience.  

Music is an integral part of the DN Hebrew School experience. Each week, students learn traditional Hebrew songs and prayers, often with a modern twist. 


Our Hebrew School is an integral part of the Darchei Noam community.
Because our students have many opportunities to participate in a myriad of synagogue activities during their school years and beyond, they are truly integrated with the congregation at large. Their learning incorporates Darchei Noam’s values and priorities, lending context to all of their experiences with us.

Performances by Hebrew School students are often incorporated into congregational celebrations, as the entire community comes together to mark special occasions in the Jewish year. 


We gain insight from both our local community and Israel.
Students participate in both school- and synagogue-based social service projects that reflect our congregation’s priorities of tzedakah and tikkun olam. They also learn about Israel as a modern Jewish state, as well as how we draw our own connections to the land and its people.



Deepen your community involvement within our network of parents.
Whether or not you choose to become a member of the congregation before your child enrolls in our Sunday Hebrew School, you will be welcomed and your child will gain valuable insights for an inclusive, participatory, inquisitive Jewish life that prioritizes diversity alongside a love of tradition.

Our Hebrew School is steered by an active parents' committee that meets monthly to discuss innovative ways to immerse our students in diverse learning experiences to enhance their overall Jewish learning experience. 



Our teachers love to connect.
We are proud to have dynamic teachers who use interactive learning and activities to keep kids engaged. And thanks to our low student-to-teacher ratio, students receive individualized attention. Our charismatic rabbi, Tina Grimberg, inspires students and their families throughout the year.

Combining creative lessons with our knowledgeable teachers with hands-on experiences with the Rabbi in our sanctuary, our students leave Hebrew School prepared to participate in modern Jewish life. 



It's not all about the books.
In addition to their studies, students enjoy social events, music, art projects, and fun activities on Shabbat and holidays. Darchei Noam’s Hebrew School fosters a positive Jewish identity and encourages them to participate in Jewish life both at school and at home.

Our field trips take students outside of the school environment, providing an opportunity for them to learn through action and reflection. Always centered around Jewish values, students leave the classroom to share their learning with the broader Jewish community, or to gain new insights about the Jewish world outside of Darchei Noam's walls. 


Learning doesn't end after Grade 6.
Our comprehensive Bar and Bat Mitzvah program starts in Grade 7 and prepares students for their transition into Jewish adulthood. Families who are not already members of Darchei Noam join two years before celebrating a child’s simcha with us in order to become completely immersed into the Darchei Noam community.


There's always a way to stay involved.
Teens are an important part of the congregation. Volunteering within the synagogue and community, they continue to develop their Jewish learning once they graduate Hebrew School. In addition, there are plenty of opportunities for the entire family to learn and celebrate together throughout the year.

Experience a day in the life of a Hebrew School family.


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