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We rely on generous donations from members of the congregation and the broader community to support the important work that we do at Congregation Darchei Noam. Your support enables us to embrace our value of inclusion by ensuring that membership can be offered to everyone regardless of their financial circumstances.  Your donations also ensure that we continue to offer vibrant religious services, programming, and education for all ages and that our home is maintained properly.

Each year we hold a fundraising campaign to generate revenue for operating expenses – this year entitled “Vital Today, Vital Tomorrow”. This fund supports both our vision of becoming more multigenerational and our need to properly maintain our home. We hope that each of our members will contribute to their best ability, as our goal is 100 percent participation in this community-building exercise.

There are additional ways to donate to Darchei Noam, and we appreciate them all. You may donate to our Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund, commemorate a loved one with a plaque on our Yahrzeit wall, or give to Darchei Noam through a bequest in your will, or you may choose to show your appreciation for someone by sending them a tribute card.
Darchei Noam facilitates the collection of funds for other charitable purposes, but to be clear, donating to one of these tikkun olam causes does not financially support our shul. The current programs are listed below. All donations are eligible for a tax receipt. We do not collect donations on behalf of other Canadian registered charities, nor will we forward donations to organizations within or external to Canada who have not been verified as legitimate and trustworthy distributors of support to those in need.

To process a one-time membership payment or to round up your monthly membership amount, kindly get in touch with Claire at the office either by emailing; or by phoning:  416-638-4783.

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Tikkun Olam Projects

Here's some important information regarding transactions made through Zeffy:

Zeffy stands as a pioneering and exclusive fundraising platform, and what sets it apart is its unwavering commitment to being absolutely free. But here's the real game-changer: Zeffy takes care of all credit card fees, so when you make a donation through Zeffy, every single cent goes straight to our Shul. That's 100% impact with zero financial hurdles.

1. Processing Time for Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) Transactions: Transactions conducted via pre-authorized debit (PAD or ACH) may take a few days, typically up to 10 days, to be fully completed. When a transaction is initiated, donors will receive a confirmation email indicating that their transaction is in progress.

Please note that transactions conducted via credit and debit cards are processed immediately, and tax receipts are sent on the same day.

2. Transaction Status: While the transaction is in progress, it will be labeled as "pending" in your Zeffy dashboard. It will be updated to "success" once the process is finalized. Donors will also receive an email notification as soon as the transaction is fully processed.

3. Thank-You Email: The official thank-you email, which includes tax receipt, will be sent out only when the transaction is entirely completed.

4. Data Security: Zeffy processes PAD payments (as well as credit and debit cards) through a direct integration with their payment processor, Stripe, as well as major banking institutions. This means that payments are handled directly by the donor's bank, and Zeffy does not have access to or view the donor's banking and/or credit and debit card information. You can find further details about this in their FAQs under What payment methods does Zeffy accept? and What does Zeffy do with my personal data?

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