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Virtual High Holy Days 2021 (5782) - Member Registration Form

We are happy to give our members as many links for your household for you and for your children up to 24 years old as required.  These links should be used ONLY by members of Darchei Noam.  Please make sure to use the access ticket request for guests form for guests and family members 25 years old and up, who are not members of Darchei Noam.

If you login, your contact information will auto-populate.

Additional email address(es) for Zoom link to be sent to:


Kol Haneshama Mahzor (High Holy Day prayer book)
Darchei Noam uses the Kol Haneshama mahzor (High Holy Day prayer book). A PDF of this mahzor will be made available to attendees. If you would like to safely purchase a hard copy of the mahzor (PLEASE NOTE: SUPPLIES ARE LIMITED), please contact Yaron at, or by calling (416) 638-4783.

Mon, 25 October 2021 19 Cheshvan 5782