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Purim Fun!

10/03/2020 12:34:47 PM



The holiday of Purim is one that kids and adults alike look forward to, and this year was no exception. It’s the only holiday when we have the custom to masquerade – and at Darchei Noam, that custom was in full effect at our Purim Carnival!

Our hallowed halls rang with joy and laughter, and superheroes, princesses, ninjas, and clowns alike partook of delicious food, fun, and entertainment.

Even the wizard community got in on the act, as noted conjurer Tricky Ricky had the crowd spellbound with his magical feats!

It might seem like mere fun and games, but our Carnival reminds us that Jews have survived to rejoice despite the efforts of our enemies. Ultimately, Purim is a time to be happy, and to make others happy and that’s how we at Darchei Noam roll!


Sun, 29 January 2023 7 Sh'vat 5783