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“Bee” Friendly with Native Plants: Mark Canada’s Environment Week, June 5-10 with a Pollinator Garden.

07/06/2023 01:55:54 PM


The world is experiencing alarming declines in wildlife habitats and with it significant species extinctions and loss of biodiversity.  We can help pollinators on a personal level by planting native flowers, whether we have a yard or a single pot on a high-rise balcony. Birds and insects migrate together; flying high, they make use of upper gardens.  Envision 20 floors of balconies all with a pot of native plants. Talk to your condo...Read more...

Freileche Klezmer Band

22/11/2022 02:03:08 PM


We are the Freileche Klezmer Band. We are a group of five (usually) musicians playing
Klezmer Music, but also Yiddish and Israeli music, in and around the greater Toronto area.
Klezmer originated in Eastern Europe having somewhat different flavours in different
countries, and with...

My Spiritual Journey: Remarks by Anne Irwin, Kallat B’reishit, Congregation Darchei Noam, 5783/2022

20/10/2022 12:30:47 PM


I feel incredibly honoured, and thankful, to stand before you as one of this year’s Kallot B’reishit. What I’m about to talk about feels private, but I know that I’m supported in sharing my personal journey with all of you.Read more...

Remarks by Kathy Sykora, Kallat B’reishit, Congregation Darchei Noam, 5783/2022

20/10/2022 12:29:14 PM


Kathy Sykora


1×1 gif

Shabbat shalom.

Wow! What an honour to stand here before you, in person and on Zoom. Thank you, Sylvia, Rabbi Tina, and the entire community, for granting me this honour. And what a pleasure to share it with Anne – I so enjoyed working with you when you were Board Secretary; and I see you are doing even more now.

There was an expression in my family growing...

Shomrei Adamah's Committee Presents: How Does Our Garden Grow?

29/09/2022 11:24:38 AM


Rubeckia in Darche Noam's Front Flower Bed Rubeckia at Darchei Noam.
Photo by Desré Kramer.

With Bee Balm,...

First Interfaith Out of the Cold Update

29/09/2022 11:14:11 AM



With COVID still a threat and with rent and food costs rising, life in our city for those who are marginalized and unhoused has become impossibly dire. The burgeoning needs and suffering in our community have grown exponentially. In 2021/22 First Interfaith Out of the Cold redoubled our efforts to address this distress. In partnership with three grassroots organizations, the generous financial support of our donors and the...Read more...

Goldenrod, the Solidago species, the Hay Fever myth, and More

24/08/2022 03:39:22 PM


As summer wildflowers fade away, the bright yellow flowers of goldenrod are coming into bloom and are supporting many pollinators, including the migrating monarch butterflies.  The goldenrod will be soon joined by the purple New England asters.  Unfortunately, goldenrod's pollen has been unfairly blamed for hay fever.

There are two types of pollen. The pollen causing hay fever, is light and fine, easily sent aloft by a...Read more...

DVAR TORAH – Parshat Balak

19/07/2022 12:20:14 PM


DVAR TORAH – Parshat Balak

A talking donkey – a rent-a-prophet – curses turned into blessings – idolatry and the death of 24,000 Israelites in a plague after committing idolatry, the story of Pinchas and his spear - and what stayed with me from all of this in Parshat Balak, was...Read more...

Tu B'Shvat

13/01/2022 02:07:16 PM


Tu b’shvat, literally the 15th of Shvat, also called The Anniversary or Birthday of the Trees, is one of four Jewish New Years.   It is also called the Jewish Environmental Day by North Americans.

There is no halachah for the celebration of Tu B’shvat, but we have several customs that arose during Jewish history.

The mystical Kabbalists believed that the more blessings we recite, the more the world is healed. It was the Kabbalists of Sfat who created the Tu B’shvat Seder with its four worlds each one with its own special fruits and combination of white and red wines.   Read more...

SJAC Indigenous Session 1: October 13, 2021

20/10/2021 01:09:14 PM


A study group on the treatment of Indigenous Peoples in Canada

TO REGISTER & RECEIVE TRC's 94 Calls to Action PDF

Contact Gila Cupchik:  

Our aim is to study the interconnected complexities of Indigenous Issues. We will be sourcing speakers, webinars, books, films, documents etc. 

We ZOOM 2nd &...

DN Calls on Canadian Government to Address the Afghan Refugee Crisis.

30/09/2021 03:46:36 PM


DN Social Advocacy

The statement includes a comprehensive list of policies to alleviate the plight of refugees. To read the statement endorsed by the DN Board which is being sent to the government   Press Here    

Please download and if you wish, share with your MP and interested friends .We have established a working group to organize the DN response to this  humanitarian, human rights and refugee crisis.

To become...

Supporting Afghan Refugees Today

20/09/2021 02:41:23 PM


Social Justice Advocacy Committee

As Jews, we have historical memory of desperate efforts to escape persecution. Today there is great alarm over the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. DN's Social Justice Advocacy Committee held a webinar on the current conditions, and what can be done, to support Afghans at risk.  Please click here to watch the webinar





Rosh Hashanah Under the Stars

09/09/2021 06:27:24 PM


Danielle Glucksman

On Monday our community celebrated Erev Rosh Hashana together. It was so nice to see one another in person and to celebrate the New Year. The  weather was beautiful as we prayed and sang together.  Thank you to all the volunteers, service leaders, shul staff and board members who made this evening happen. Please watch our Facebook page for more photos and a special video.


Joels round challah

31/08/2021 05:41:56 PM


Gloria boxen

Joel’s Challah


Makes two challahs


Mix together in large bowl:

800 g white bread flour

200 g whole wheat flour

25 g salt

10 g instant yeast

1 cup currents or 3 tbs poppy seeds


Mix together:

1/2 cup canola oil

1/2 cup honey

4 eggs

450 g warm water


Separately mix:

1...

More Cool Tips for Hot Days!

20/07/2021 12:39:05 PM


Gloria Boxen

Don't have central air conditioning or want to reduce its use?


Use a dehumidifier.The reduced moisture in the air will make a room feel cooler. Wear loose outdoor clothing in light colours, preferably cotton, and you will feel cooler. White, beige, and light brown-green shades will attract less mosquitoes and other insects.  See Tie a wet...Read more...

Shomrei Adamah Presents Cool Foods for Hot Days

06/07/2021 12:44:49 PM


Gloria Boxen/Debra Eklove


Here are some cool food tips from Shomrei Adamah

1. With warmer temperatures, food spoils more quickly. Before refrigerating or freezing prepared foods, cool them off more thoroughly and quickly by placing them on a rack and using a fan. You will also be reducing the...Read more...

Bar/ Bat Mitzvah class hosts Holocaust survivor Sophie Krausz

30/04/2021 11:26:01 AM


Danielle Glucksman

On Tuesday April 27, the Darchei Noam Bar/ Bat Mitzvah class hosted a zoom discussion with Holocaust survivor Sophie Krausz. Sophie was born in Russia two months after the Holocaust commenced. She lived in Poland for 13 years and immigrated to Montreal 1958. Sophie spoke about what she...Read more...

Gardening Update

24/03/2021 10:25:44 AM


Desre Kramer

The gardening group has been busy with plans for the strip of grass at the front of the shul. We have received a grant to buy native plants to attract pollinators like monarch butterflies, birds, and bees. The grant comes from the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation....Read more...

Refugee Shabbat D'Var Torah

09/03/2021 07:16:06 AM


Naomi Alboim


Shabbat Shalom

I have been asked to speak today as a part of our congregation’s participation in a world- wide HIAS/JIAS effort to raise the awareness, and hopefully encourage action in the Jewish community, about refugees around the globe.

I will talk about the...

Tu B’Shvat 2021 Recipes

20/01/2021 08:14:03 AM


Gloria Boxen & Joel Troster


Tu B’shvat, the New Year of the Trees, is a welcome holiday falling during our grey winter months. In Israel, the almond tree is blooming a signal that the trees are waking up from their winter naps. Why...Read more...

Drive-through Menorah Lighting

15/12/2020 12:58:04 PM


Danielle Glucksman

Holidays in 2020, haven't been easy, but social distancing and cold weather could not keep The Darchei Noam Hebrew School and B'Nei Mitzvah program from safely celebrating Hannukah!


Life during COVID-19: A Perspective

03/07/2020 10:13:56 AM


Gladys Rose


Being in lock-down for many weeks has allowed me much time for reflection.

I live in a lovely Retirement Residence in Toronto. In my youth, such places were called Old Folks Homes. So much for euphemisms.

I grew up in Saskatoon. In my youth, disease was accepted as part of life. Everyone had...Read more...

The Foods of Shavuot

27/05/2020 10:52:55 AM


Joel Troster


When we think of Shavuot, visions of cheese blintzes come to mind. When or why the custom of eating dairy foods arose is unknown; here are two explanations. In Song of Songs, the verse, “The sweetness drops from your lips; like honey and...Read more...

My Trip to Israel: Selecting Next Year's Shinshinim and a View of the Issues in the Northern Region

19/03/2020 09:13:38 AM


Marcy Tepner

As Darchei Noam’s Lay Leader for the Shinshinim Program, I recently attended a one week, UJA Israel Engagement Mission, along with Ariel Zaltzman, D.N.’s Youth and Education Programming Director. The purpose of the mission was two-fold. Firstly, to participate in the interview/selection process for our 2020/21...Read more...

Purim Fun!

10/03/2020 12:34:47 PM



The holiday of Purim is one that kids and adults alike look forward to, and this year was no exception. It’s the only holiday when we have the custom to masquerade – and at Darchei Noam, that custom was in full effect at our Purim Carnival!

Our hallowed...

Bal Tashchit – DO NOT WASTE by Elaine McKee

04/03/2020 02:32:24 PM



As most of you know, the Darchei Noam Kiddush Refresh project of 2020 included a transition to reusable glass dishes and stainless cutlery. The paper plates,...Read more...

AOK Donates Purses to Women who are Homeless

21/11/2019 12:17:11 PM



AOK had a wonderful meeting on November 19, 2019.  Seventeen people turned out to practice Qi Gong under the leadership of...Read more...

Fun-Filled Day of Apple Picking at Downey's Farm.

18/09/2019 01:05:21 PM


Darchei Noam's apple picking trip for our young families on Sunday, September 15 was very successful, despite the heavy rain before the event!

Following a yummy pizza lunch at the synagogue, participants headed to Downey's Apple and Strawberry Farm in...Read more...

Complimentary Book Giveaway!

15/08/2019 10:45:16 AM


We are having a Book Giveaway. All books are free!

Come by Darchei Noam on:

Tuesday, August 20 from 6:00-8:00 pm (during extended office hours for membership renewal) Shabbat, Saturday Aug. 24 during Kiddush.

Books will be available in the following categories:

Bible and Biblical Studies Classical Judaica Jewish Observance and Practice Jewish Education Jewish Languages Jewish Literature Jewish...Read more...

Darchei Noam Hebrew School Introduces New Three-Phase Curriculum

25/07/2019 05:27:11 PM


This fall, our Hebrew school is pleased to be implementing a new three-phase curriculum that is based on the saying from Pirkei Avot (ethics of our ancestors) that the world stands on three pillars: Torah (bible), Avodah (service) and Gemilut Chassadim (acts of loving kindness).

The curriculum was developed in-house by Rabbi Tina Grimberg and our Director of Youth Education and Programming, Ariel Zaltzman. It covers a wide range of...Read more...

Fri, 9 June 2023 20 Sivan 5783