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DN Shul Picnic at Earl Bales Park, Remarks by Ariel Zaltzman

31/08/2016 02:29:41 PM


What a wonderful way to conclude summer and look forward to the coming new year.

Darchei Noam held a picnic at Earl Bales Park on Sunday, August 21. Members of all ages attended: adults, parents, grandparents, youth, children and tots. (Click headline to read more)

The picnic started with some crafts, board games and schmoosing. And of course, a picnic lunch.

This was followed by storytime with Rabbi Tina.

The highlight of the picnic was Sports with Jay: running, jumping, hula hooping and were some of the games, as well as parachuting! Have a look through the photos to see how our kids showed off to the adults in tug-of-war. 

Until next year!

Tue, 3 August 2021 25 Av 5781